Disclaimer: While I myself entered the fediverse from the fediblocked side of it, I do not relate to either of them completely, I would prefer if my website stays federated with the greatest amount of people possible while not having to censor myself in the process. That said, I’m going to refer to the side that uses the fediblock as the closed side of the fediverse and the side that doesn’t uses the fediblock as the open side of the fediverse. I’m sure there are several blocklists, but for simplicity sake I’ll just refer to them as one.

Another disclaimer: I do not censor any of the content in the screenshots or text, I personally do not use swearwords during my writing but you may see them inside the screenshots or when referencing other text or comments.

Note: Instances are written in italics (to difference them from websites quickly), while users are written in bold.

Table of contents:

waifu enters the fediverse

(about jan - feb 2021)

  • Starting from shitposter.club waifu follows some people let’s say “known” over the open side of the fediverse such as Moon, sjw, pasture, Mitsu, Lain and many others.

  • Find out about three influential shitposters, they all cover up most of the timeline related to shitposting.

    • Noided (from kiwifarms.cc), Sterence (from neckbeard.xyz) and Grumbulon (from shitposter.club).

    • Noided alias BBB is the most mentioned user in the open fedi everyday for weeks.

  • anime.website is a thing that exists, it is supposedly a place where people with pedophilic tendencies hang out, it also supposedly goes down for a while. Some drama related to the admin ensues due to someone possibly sending illegal material over the instance.

  • Other than that, life is good, still not completely used to hellthreads, mostly people acting like idiots without any care.

  • Returning to the shitpost, the bots Grumbulence, Steroided and Groided get made, they’re an aglomeration of these powerful shitposters, they are still up.

    • sleepy.cafe (by Sterence) and freecumextremist.com(by Grumbulon) (parody to freespeechextremist.com) go online.

    • At first kind of small, steadily over time, many users from poa.st, neckbeard.xyz, and shitposter.club and other instances move there, including BBB (Now noided@sleepy.cafe)

  • degenerates.fail goes online, dissapears after a few weeks or months, not much interest. The only good user coming from it is Khan.

  • fedi.wiki goes online, it’s not an instance but a wiki site for people in the fedi, it becomes rather popular, several people edit articles and seems kind of active. It goes down for some reason and gets turned into fediverse.wiki, this last one becomes a dead meme after some time but it is still online.

  • poa.st becomes more influential by the day, everyone else starts complaining about it, be it because of the free speech issue that some have with the instance or because they post anime breasts.

  • More small instances keep popping up like strelizia.net, waifuism.life, pleroma.8777.ch, gearlandia.haus, bunny.cafe, clubcyberia.co, fluf.club, hidamari.apartments, cum.coffee(dead), some die, others keep running even today.

  • waifuism.life defederates from anime.website, the current status of the website is unknown.

  • Some people start leaving poa.st and joining others or making their own instances; Examples: lewdthewides starts hidamari.apartments/, ruina and kala join sleepy.cafe, Shinobu Respecter aka. Edwin aka. George Soros, joins FCE.

  • pernia gets banned from shitposter.club for trolling people using the same pfp and name as Mitsu, he moves to FCE, she moves to outerheaven

  • Drama happens with Eris from disqordia.space because a developer (unrelated to the fediverse) allegedly commited suicide, (nobody knew if it was real or not at the time) turns out the dev is alright.

  • At some point an instance known as youjo.love starts, it becomes a save haven for people who call themselves “MAP”, users get mocked and insulted, the instance gets defederated from many other ones including waifuism.life.

  • A big thread criticizing nagatoro’s translation made by a poa.st user gets into trending topic on twitter, lots of users from twitter join poa.st, people talk about this for weeks.

  • Sonicman69 makes his own instance unholy-lair.69.mu, grumbulon gets the instance in the fediblock one night when he pinged and insulted the people from the fediblock direclty while drunk.

  • More small instances pop up cum.desupost.soy (now desupost.club), *cowfee.org, pl.murky.club, beefyboys.club, froth.zone, cachapa.moe, shitpisscum.mooo.com, sementerrori.st (dead), softgirl.online (dead), getindor.com (dead)

  • Parker Banks starts brave.cafe but it becomes leafposter.club

  • The content show, a podcast hosted by Sonicman69 begins, some users join including SJW, Grumbulon, Kala, Waifu and many others, it goes up for several months until the chapter 11, when drama ensues in the middle of a stream, sonicman removes the show from his youtube channel but it is available in the content show archive.

  • Sonicman69 says a lot of strange stuff that make people not like him that much, hurts him in the long run.

  • Sonicman69 leaves the fediverse and goes back to twitter.

  • Moon posts Pleroma-tan pregnant.

  • Waifu posts PonyPanda pregnant.

  • PonyPanda leaves the fediverse until graf and neetzche become friends or something (he still away (unrelated to him being pregnant)).

  • dailyrats start being posted, at first it’s pretty constant, it loses some steam over time.

  • neckbeard.xyz gets taken down after some drama, the company that holds .xyz replies only vaguely about the reason why they took it, they said it held “illegal content”, sjw (Admin) takes several weeks to move everything to bae.st.


  • More small instances like comfyboy.club, bajax.us, pleroma.getimiskon.xyz, newskey.cc.

  • A guy from leafposter.club (TheQuantumAlpha) gets a bunch of comments saying he’s preteding to be several people in the fediverse, including his spouse “Ms Quantum Alpha” and his best friend “Strawberryshortcake”, “they” all leave fedi after the drama becomes too masive and awkard.

  • The conductor (A frankenstein bot with about 30 people in it) gets created.

  • Spanish instance novoa.nagoya gets created, dies after a few months due to lack of interest, Sarvo (Admin) says it may come back in the future.

  • Alex Gleason pushes out a patch for soapboxFE that breaks some of the threads of Pleroma and other fedi software.

    • People get upset even though the amount of people that uses it is rather small or from poa.st or spinster.xyz (Even though everyone always says they hate them.)
  • A part of the pleroma team get upset about the change, they leave and are starting to make a fork.

  • Some things get talked, they intend to keep at it, Lain was away from home at that time, he posts a short “Please wait a bit, let’s talk things out.” (Not exact words).

  • Lain gets back home, the fork continued development, but the steam turns down a bit and last commit was already two weeks ago (At the time of the writing.)

  • Alex Gleason fixes the problem that soapbox had, other small problems appear.

  • Sonicman69 has a spiritual revival, many jokes and memes about him get posted and shared, old posts are now new, Grumbulon goes away for several days and returns with a music video about Sonicman. The jokes die down after a few weeks.

  • Loli discussion threads intensify a bit too much because of Eris and Bot, p (freespeechextremist.com’s admin) gets tired of it and decides to say enough is enough, changes rules so now posting loli content in FSE isn’t a banneable offense, nowadays he posts boobs every time they try to take him into that conversation.

  • People still don’t know how to say absturztau.be.

  • Conflict starts with Russia and Ukraine, they begin shooting at eachother, the unfediblocked side of the fediverse largely stays with Ukraine, while the fediblocked side has all kinds of thoughts about the conflict. Example: Stux (mstdn.social’s admin) sides with Ukraine while Graf (poa.st’s admin) has said he’s trying to be neutral to the conflict.

03 2022

  • There’s a recent influx of users from gab that come to poa.st, not even poa.st users like them, they get banned left and right, sometimes just for being annoying.
  • Sjw gets a storm and tornado warning, bae.st keeps online for the time being.
  • Stevejail seemingly leaves the fediverse after the “Dead dog shit” got to him. Nevermind, he seemingly came back this same month but to kiwifarms.
  • Graf had a big fight with Alex Gleason, words came around from both sides but it seemed like there’s no real solution. Graf said he’s gonna get poa.st to run revolver, revolver being a fedi implementation made by P that intends to make the fediverse truly free speech. (I am light on details)
  • Gargron (mastodon.social admin and main Mastodon software developer) implements news inside mastodon, many people get upset, they feel like it’s selling the platform.

To be continued…