Sometime ago, a user known as TheQuatumAlpha joined the fediverse in the instance.

I first knew about him through his “best friend” known as StrawberryShortcake.

She followed me and we talked a bit sometines but something about the way she wrote felt “off” about her.

Normally I just brush those things off until one day she tried to bring me to another platform “mewe” i had never seen it so i thought it was actually a spam account, I then contacted Parker, the administrator of the instance for help because I didn’t really know what to do, he was very kind, told me this wasn’t the first time that the whole group (Quatum, his wife and Strawberry) had had problems with other people.

Following comments from some fedi users, it was “a known secret” that QuantumAlpha was LARPING as several accounts, including his wife and Strawberry.

The beans really didn’t fully spill until a user (Lutheran Housewife) made a post claiming that the LARP was real, showing evidence for her claim, this was after an user from kiwifarms said “he muted me because I said his girlfriend/wife is fake and gay”.

Screenshots to the post and the annexed proof are archived in this page.

After this there were some threats from Quantum to Parker, they didn’t really go anywhere.

If I’m not wrong, Parker ended up banning Quantum and not so long after, the account StrawberryShortcake also left with a kind of sad (In a bad way style).

Don’t worry Quantum, I’m sure your OC will find a nice place somewhere else.